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We do not guarantee love, but we do guarantee a date!

Where Everybody Gets a Date for only $9.99


You pick your Date, Time and Location!

Our simple matching criteria allows you to choose the perfect match.  No, you can't see a picture but you do get to choose their gender, height, weight and race.  If you are really adventurous, choose "surprise me" in a category and get matched with all potential options.  Still not sure? Read on...

Ladies, we care about you. That's why you get to pick where and when you meet your date so you are comfortable in a place of your choosing.

We know traveling for work can be lonley.  That's OK, we've thought about you too. Just enter the zip code of where you will be and you can meet a local person who can show you the sights!

Spin the wheel to find a friend or partner for the day or for life.

Best online dating site. Everybody gets a date! You can go on as many dates as you want for only $9.99 each.

What makes us the best online dating site?

There are no MEMBERSHIP FEES or UPGRADES to have access to our full content. Most other dating sites for singles require you to become a member and fill out a lengthy profile where almost everyone lies about who they are. We have skipped the lying part and went straight to the date where you will meet someone face to face and determine who they are for yourself. Love is Blind!

How blind dating online works

You simply fill in your name, zip code, age, gender and weight range. Select the age, gender and weight range of your match and spin the wheel. Our system will randomly choose your date based on your criteria. For safety and comfort purposes, the women will pick the final meeting place and time. Spin the wheel!

Why go on a blind date?

Because a blind date is a real date. It is better than no date at all! There is someone out there waiting to meet you. A great person interested in you and who you are. We make it quick and affordable to find them. Be adventurous, get off the traditional dating sites and get into to the real dating world.


Blind date haters!

Just show up. You may be surprised! You may realize you have something in common with someone you would never speak to in another situation. At least you didn’t have your expectations shattered based on a profile or a 10 year old picture. Spin the Wheel!

What we do for you

We facilitate the safe and comfortable meeting of two people, skipping the long, boring profile and getting to the end where people actually meet another real person.  We allow the ladies the ability to choose the final meeting spot, date and time. You will be at ease in the setting of your choice. That’s it. Spin the Wheel!

How do we do it?

Once you provide your information, you jump into our pool of fun, adventurous people who are just looking for a date. Your information will be matched with someone in your area. You may find love or you may find a friend. We don’t guarantee either, it’s all up to you! Just keep spinning the roulette wheel until you find the one. Love is Blind!